End of Summer Arts and Crafts Gatherings

Quarry Hill Farm Art Gatherings

For the week of August 25th-29th, we are hosting an impromptu end of summer arts and crafts gatherings here at Quarry Hill Farm. Cassie Pelletier, former homeschooler now college student will be leading informal classes on various arts and crafts. There will also be time for storytelling, nature walks on our beautiful rural property, free play, swimming (more like dipping) in our small above ground pool and visiting our wide variety of barn animals. I am simply hosting the gathering, Cassie is in charge, and all money paid goes directly to her to help her pay for college. If we get a lot of children, Cassie will get another college student to help teach and supervise. I will request all parents to sign a liability waiver.

Ages: 6-12 (some older 5’s who can focus on crafts considered, as well as older children who still “fit in” with and enjoy the younger children). This is a drop-off program.

When: 9:30-1:00, August 25-29, you may choose individual days or come the entire week

What to Bring: children must bring their own bagged lunch, towel and swimming suit, change of clothes, and smocks to protect clothing during crafting

Cost: $20.00 per individual day/1 child, $75.00 for the entire week/1 child
$25.00 total per individual day/2 or more siblings, $100.00/ week/2 or more siblings
$15.00 per child for the week materials fee, or $3.00 per individual day
-Cassie will consider a discount or scholarship for one or two financially strapped families in exchange for helping to wrangle and manage children during craft activities.

Schedule of activities:

Monday 25th: BOOKMAKING- cassie will lead the children through simple bookbinding, using a variety of techniques. They will decorate their books with natural found items, paper and fabric.

Tuesday 26th: MINIATURES IN POLYMER CLAY-Cassie will help the children make their own miniatures out of polymer clay! They can make tiny items for their dolls and dollhouses, create small animals or dioramas that can go and live in their fairy houses they will build on Thursday.

Wednesday 27th: DREAMCATCHERS AND POLYMER CLAY FINISHING-polymer clay projects from the day before can be finished if needed and the children will make dream catchers! No description necessary!

Thursday 28th: FAIRY HOUSES-Cassie will take the children on an adventure in our “fairy woods” to build natural fairy houses for the fairies, and also using some man made materials, will help them make fairy houses to take home for their polymer miniatures.

Friday 29th: Tie Dye-Bring a few items you would like to dye, and we will make a mess doing it I am sure! Besides doing traditional tie dye, the children can try their hands at making imprints with leaves and flowers.

Contact Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com with questions or if you are interested.

Spring Wilderness School

Dan has announced the dates for Spring Wilderness School, held here at Quarry Hill Farm.

Dan takes the kids out for a full day in the wild. Program activities include primitive fire making, natural shelters, animal tracking, wilderness awareness games and assorted nature crafts.

ages 6-12 (10 weeks) Fridays, March 28 to May 23

Fee: 300-500 sliding scale for the 10 week session. Sign up before March 1st, and receive 20 dollars off of tuition.

Please contact Dan directly if you are interested in registering at miye_yelo@yahoo.com

If you would like to hear about our family’s experience in this program, please contact Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com

Waldorf Main Lesson Class

I wasn’t going to host a co-op this year, but an amazing opportunity presented itself! Ken Kilb, a recent graduate from the Waldorf teacher training program at Alkion Center in Ghent, NY contacted me wanting to volunteer his time as a Main Lesson teacher for a homeschool Main Lesson group. Between the two of us, we think that we can organize a nice grades Main Lesson rotation, and have a kindy program going on for younger siblings. This would be mostly for grades 1-5, and we would do the typical main lesson block rotation as at a Waldorf School. Blocks would be math, language arts, nature study, putting on a play, form drawing (freehand geometry), etc…. we would also do lots of projects, circle games and songs, farm chores every morning and share a lunch.

This would be hosted at my home and farm (Pownal, VT) Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30-12:30ish with optional and occasional Mondays. If you are interested in a Waldorf experience for your children, this would basically cover it for you…and Ken would give suggestions for things to do during the rest of the week should you want to make this your central “curriculum”.

This is such a great opportunity to have a Waldorf teacher willing to donate his time just because he “wants to help start a Waldorf co-op and help homeschoolers”. He is a single guy, so we could probably repay him in premade dinners and baked goods for his regular work week. He works as an RN in Albany. He has lived in several anthroposophical communities, including Fellowship in NY for four years.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, or if you would like to know more about Waldorf education, please contact me at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com

I am trying to just see who is interested, but we will start meeting at least informally next Tuesday to get acquainted as a group. My purpose is that this group be for people who are already using Waldorf education in their homeschooling, or are willing to learn about it. This is not a co-op in the “usual” sense that the parents switch teaching subjects, etc… One idea is that we have occasional parent meetings to study waldorf education and Steiner’s theories of child development in more detail.


Wilderness School Fridays are Back!

Wilderness School with Dan Yacobellis: Fridays starting September 20th 9:30-3:30. Ages 6-12 (other ages would be considered case by case). 10 weeks, 300-500 dollars sliding scale per student (paid to Dan at the first class, he is open to payment arrangements). This will be the second year of wilderness school here at the farm! Dan is an experienced outdoor educator and offers a unique experience.

Wandering and exploring the land makes up a lot of our days. Along the way, we always find treasures and mysteries that inspire us to ask questions and learn more. Animal signs, edible and poisonous plants, and what different trees can be used for are some of the things we constantly are learning about. Crafts and skills like bow making, natural cordage, bark and burned containers, fire by friction, story telling, unaided navigation and shelter building are also a large part of each class. Not to mention the many nature based games that we play to improve our awareness, build muscle and have lots of fun! The Days fly by and there never seems to be enough time to do everything we want. There’s just so much out there!!<

Contact Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com if you are interested.

Students should have layers of clothing, a change of clothes, lunch and their own water in a backpack for each class.

Family Folk Music and Merrymaking

Join us for a very special mixed-age/family music class with Susan Matsui. Thursday Mornings 10-11am at Quarry Hill Farm, Pownal, VT (SW most corner of VT, 6 miles north of Williamstown MA, 7 miles south of Bennington, and 4 miles west of Petersburgh NY.) This class will be open to children 5-12, however younger siblings are welcome to join in if they are supervised by a parent, and taken outside if not participating. We originally thought of hosting this class because my middle son takes fiddle from Susan, my daughter takes dulcimer and piano, and my youngest son (who will beginning mandolin this year) comes to their classes, and is included in a wonderful way. She has turned my children’s private instrument lessons into a wonderful family music time that has enriched all of us. I thought that an entire class formed around this concept would be appealing to other families as well and Susan is now offering this class for the second time here at the farm. Visitors from out of state that have come to visit me personally and sat in the class have been so impressed, and wished they lived closer to have such a unique music experience!

This class will be an 12 week experience of folk music from many angles. Participants will learn basic music theory and music history through folk singing, games and exposure to wide variety of both familiar and less recognized musical instruments. (Have you ever seen an “Ud”, let alone played one? Because I didn’t until I met Susan!!) We will also learn some of the history behind the music we will be singing. We will learn about the place of folk music and the contra dance in early American social life. Susan also gets the children singing in harmony, using rhythm, home and away notes, and so many other basics of music theory. The end of our time together will culminate in a family trip to a contra dance (admission fees to attend the contra dance not included in class tuition).

Susan will also offer private instrument tutorials in 20 minutes sessions directly before and after the main class for an extra fee.

Time: Thursdays 10-11am beginning September 19th, running 12 weeks (no class on Thanksgiving) until December 12. Private instrument lessons can be scheduled immediately before and after the main class time. Time and date of contra dance that we will be attending TBD (and requires a separate entrance fee).

Cost: 144 dollars for one student for 12 week session, 180 dollars for 2 or more siblings/family group for 12 week session. Private 20 minute instrument tutorials 15 dollars/per week. Paid directly to Susan Matsui when class begins. Can be paid in increments (make arrangement with Susan at first class).

If you are intersested in joining us, please contact Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com

Winter Wilderness School

Tamakoce Wilderness Programs

                               Winter Wilderness Class
Hi All,
    Due to popular demand, I’m sending out dates for a Winter wilderness class! If the weather cooperates with us this year, we’ll be learning how to overcome the challenges of starting a fire with ice covered wood! We’ll also be learning a lot about animals through tracking them, shelter designs for winter, emergency snow shoe making and of course, penguin sliding down the hills! This will be a bi-weekly class (every other week) and the dates are below.
Fridays  1/18, 2/1, 2/15, 3/1  9:30-3:00
The cost of the class is 30-50 dollars per student/per class sliding scale (pay what you are able).
If you are interested in registering, please contact Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com or the class instructor, Dan Yacobellis at miye_yelo@yahoo.com  We need to have registrations this week to be able to schedule the class.
As a parent of children in this class, I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful it is.  The kids are outside all day exploring the wilderness, and engaging with nature in a way that I honestly can’t say I would personally have the fortitude or skills to help them do.  They come back tired, happy and excited about everything they experienced and learned.

Visual Arts Workshop with Gabi Moore

Homeschoolers art class at Quarry Hill Farm, starting November 6th.

Learn interesting techniques in watercolor, collage, drawing, and other creative exercises in an unusual class taught by a painter with over 10 years experience as an art professor. This class is great for young artists new to studio art materials and great for anyone wanting to create in a playful way. We will learn how to paint washes, graded washes, and the functions of brushstrokes. We will learn about line, tone, and mark-making with dry media. Children will also learn about use of shape and color in composition by doing collage. Participants are learning about these sophisticated concepts while having freedom to choose their own subject matter.

Mondays 1:00-2:15   Four Weeks November 6th-November 27th

If enough people are interested, we will continue the class for the first two weeks in December.  In that case, the materials fee would be 15 dollars (and children leave with a surprise at the end!).

•  $10 dollar non-refundable materials and reservation fee upon registration.

• $12 per person. Minimum five participants. Maximum 12.   Sliding scale 10-15 per class.  If money would prevent you from coming, Gabi is willing to barter.  Please contact me if you need a creative arrangement.

•  Ages 5-9

Contact Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com if you are interested.

Martinmas Festival and Lantern Walk

Saturday, November 3rd, we are hosting an All Souls Day/Martinmas Festival.  Festivities will begin around 4pm.  We plan to have our favourite Bennington College students here to lead the children’s activities.  They will be making lanterns, and perhaps help them put together a play in the hay barn, as they did for Michaelmas.  Families should bring potluck food to share, and adult beverages for themselves.  As with all of our festivals, this is more of a family party than a “program” hosted by a school.  There will be beer and wine, people milling about in the house and on the property…  If the children are not with the Bennington Students, then parents are responsible for them.

We will take a nice lantern walk once it gets dark, and come back and perhaps have a bonfire if people are still in a “party” mood!

If it is very rainy, there is NO RAIN DATE.  We will unfortunately just have to cancel the festival this time if this is the case.

Please plan to bring a financial “tip” for the Bennington Students for helping with the children’s activities. My suggestion is 10 dollars individual child, or 15 for all siblings. Please bring empty glass jars if you have any for making lanterns.  I also will have tin cans for making tin lanterns available.

RSVP to Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com  I will send along our address if you think you can make it.  Also let me know ideas of what you think you can bring for the common table.

Children can dress up as their favourite Saint, hero (real life), or person from history.  No scary costumes, please!

Handwork Happy Hour, launching this Friday night

This Friday I am hosting my first Handwork Happy Hour (I was going to call it Drunken Weaving, but thought that was too over the top).  Come any time after 6:30, bring an hors d’oevre and/or adult beverage to share (or a virgin beverage if you want something besides water to drink, and will not be having wine, etc… ).  This week I have TONS of wool that I just washed, all ready for carding and spinning.  So…if you have carders, or a wheel, or other related item, please bring.  Feel free to bring your knitting or other handwork projects, or you can just sit and gab if you don’t have anything.  There should be enough people there that we can help each other out with our various projects.   Also, we can throw out the various things we know how to do, and share our knowledge with others.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would enjoy such an evening.  I hope to repeat it at least monthly if not bi-monthly.

Hopefully some one with a wheel will come.  If not, we can card with my little animal brushes, and work on other projects.

This is a no children evening…however, I say that as a homeschooling mom…if the only way you can make it is to bring your kids, please do.  Just know that I will be ignoring mine, and sticking them in front of some old wholesome VHS tape.  Your kids and my kids are welcome to go be ignored together!  ;-)

Please email if you are interested in coming…and I will send you my address.


More Details on Wilderness School

Wilderness School with Dan Yacobellis of Tamokace Wilderness School begins this Friday at Quarry Hill Farm.  This 10 week program will be every Friday from 9:30-2:30pm.  (except Thanksgiving week)  The class is for children ages 6-12 (other ages will be considered on a case by case basis).  Following are more details about the program from Dan:

Wandering and exploring the land makes up a lot of our days. Along the way, we always find treasures and mysteries that inspire us to ask questions and learn more. Animal signs, edible and poisonous plants, and what different trees can be used for are some of the things we constantly are learning about. Crafts and skills like bow making, natural cordage, bark and burned containers, fire by friction, story telling, unaided navigation and shelter building are also a large part of each class. Not to mention the many nature based games that we play to improve our awareness, build muscle and have lots of fun! The Days fly by and there never seems to be enough time to do everything we want. There’s just so much out there!!
Come join us and see for yourself.
Dan and our family went exploring the woods around the farm last week, and he is very excited about the acres and acres of untouched land we have.  We took him to the old quarry, and walked along the alfafa and clover fields that surround the woody borders.  We also have a large hay barn perfect for morning gathering before the day’s journey and adventures.   Your child will be nourished by our idyllic Vermont farm and woods, and Dan’s program.
Email Rebecca at asylumwaldorf@gmail.com for registration forms.

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